Tibetan Coral Necklace

$ 769.00

Coral in Tibetan culture is one of the 5 most precious stones. It's value supersedes diamonds and emeralds and it worn as a protection against all things, but specifically blood diseases, hurricanes and bad luck. It is increasingly hard to find genuine Tibetan coral, the market is sate with dyed red coral. This is now the only way to achieve this color as our oceans are too acidified to produce this beautiful material naturally. Perhaps if we had left some coral underwater its potent power would have protected the waters from human damage.

This necklace features both lovely colored coral, but also a penelopy of ancient stones and beads, gathered together with a particular sense of balance but an ancient artist's hand.

Materials: Undyed coral, Glass, Sterling silver, Mixed semi-precious stones

Measurements: 22" interior circumference, .5" wide

Age: 1920s

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