Zenobia Ring

$ 175.00

Inspired by the ancient silverwork of the nomadic Tuareg people of Northern Africa, this complex ring has design work on all sides, from the carved shank to the inscribed plateau top. Its slender profile means it is perfect to add to your favorite stack.

Material: Sterling silver or brass

Measurements: 1" H x .8" W x .2" D

Origin: Designed and Fabricated in NYC using only recycled and sustainable materials

Made to order, please allow 10 days for shipment.

"It is pointless trying to decide whether Zenobia is to be classified among happy cities or among the unhappy. It makes no sense to divide cities into these two species, but rather into another two: those that through the years and the changes continue to give their form to desires, and those in which desires either erase the city or are erased by it. "

― Italo CalvinoInvisible Cities


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