Tibetan Akor Earrings

$ 1,350.00

Spectacular Tibetan earrings from Lhasa. Pendants such as these were too heavy to be worn from the ears and so were worn near the ears as if they were earrings. Typically they were suspended from the wearer's headdress, or hung over the head. These are typical of the Lhasa style and were worn by aristocratic wives. The ends are in the form of stylized lotus buds.

Tibetans believe that turquoise stones are alive, and when the color is clear and strong, the life force of that stone is also vibrant. These have particularly deep and creamy color. Earwires have been added so they can be worn as earrings, but they are heavy. 

Material: Sterling silver, turquoise

Measurements: 5" L x 1.25" W x .5" H

Age: Early 20th C. 

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