Emerald Ring Figa

$ 545

This is one of the best figas I've had in years (and to think we have three)! The gleaming 18k gold paired with the fabulous jewelry - who wouldn't want an emerald ring like that? make this a special collectible figa. The scale is perfect for adding to an amulet cluster, or wearing all alone!

The Mano Figa is a symbol that dates back thousands of years. The thumb, tucked between the pointer and middle finger represented fertility and womanly power, closely tied to the goddesses Luna and Venus. You can see it's a rather sexy gesture that wards against evil and brings out your feminine attributes and protects you against the evil eye.

Material: 18k gold, emerald, jet

Measurements: 1.5" (including bale) x .5"

Age: C. 1960

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