Pyrrah Earrings

$ 295.00

Earrings designed after Phonetician relics. Elongated earwire easily slips through ear and drops into a spiral clasp.

Material: Sterling silver

Measurements: 2.85" H x 1.2" W x .15" D

Origin: Designed and Fabricated in NYC using only recycled and sustainable materials

Made to order, please allow 10 days for shipment.

"As soon as I set foot there, everything I had imagined was forgotten; Pyrrha had become what is Pyrrha; and I thought I had always known that the sea is invisible from the city, hidden behind a dune of the low, rolling coast; that the streets are long and straight; that the houses are clumped at intervals, not high, and they are separated by open lots with stacks of lumber and with sawmills; that the wind stirs the vanes of the water pumps. From that moment on the name Pyrrha has brought to my mind this view, this light, this buzzing, this air in which a yellowish dust flies: obviously the name means this and could mean nothing but this."

― Italo CalvinoInvisible Cities

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