Tamara Earrings

$ 275.00

Handcarved drop earrings encircled by a dew encrusted crown. The elongated shape flatters, while the weighted crown keeps the earring dancing as you move.

Material: Sterling silver

Measurements: .2.1" H x .3" W x .4" D

Origin: Designed and Fabricated in NYC using only recycled and sustainable materials

Made to order, please allow 10 days for shipment.

"Rarely does the eye light on a thing, and then only when it has recognized that thing as the sign of another thing: a print· in the sand indicates the tiger's passage; a marsh announces a vein of water; the hibiscus flower, the end of winter. All the rest is silent and interchangeable; trees and stones are only what they are. Finally the journey leads to the city of Tamara."

― Italo CalvinoInvisible Cities

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