Despina Cuff

$ 550.00

Weighty and organic fanning cuff formed with soft luster polish.  

Material: Brass or sterling silver

Measurements: Small: 5.75" interior circ. including a .8" opening  Medium: 6.5" interior circ including a .8" opening Large: 7.25" interior circ. including a .8" opening.

Origin: Designed and fabricated in NYC using only recycled and sustainable materials.

Made to order, please allow 10 days for shipment.

Size will be determined by email after purchase



“Despina can be reached in two ways: by ship or by camel. The city displays one face to the traveler arriving overland and a different one to him who arrives by sea. When the camel driver sees...the pinnacles of the skyscrapers come into view, the radar antennae, the white and red wind-socks flapping, the chimneys belching smoke, he thinks of a ship; he knows it is a city, but he thinks of it as a vessel that will take him away from the desert.

The sailor discerns the form of a camel’s withers, an embroidered saddle with glittering fringe; he knows it is a city, but he thinks of it as a camel from whose pack hang wine-skins and bags of candied fruit, and already he sees himself at the head of a long caravan taking him away from the desert of the sea, toward oases of fresh water in the palm trees’ jagged shade."

Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

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