Vintage & Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Earth day 2018


Small steps we take for a more sustainable future.

  1. We carbon neutralize our shipping. Sine we can’t stop shipping, this small step plants trees to remove carbon from the atmosphere.
  2. We donate at least 1% of our annual net revenue back to support the environment. One of our favorite charities is the Natural Resource Defense Fund which works to change laws and save wildlife.
  3. We really try not to buy anything new. This is both a personal mission and a philosophy we employ with the business. This means old tools, re-used totes, eBay reference books, you get it!
  4. Our paper products are all recycled. Our tissue, our printer labels and our boxes. When it comes to packaging we are minimalists.
  5. And… Vintage is the most sustainable way to shop! If it doesn’t have to be made and it doesn’t go into the landfill, you (and we) are doing your part!

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